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15 foot x 15 foot Private Office available
Across the street from University of Oregon’s Knight Library
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Building Facilities (Kitchen, Dining Hall, Lodge Room)

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Parking Property Access

General information:

Property Access Pass: McKenzie River Lodge #195

McKenzie River Lodge #195 is offering “Property Access Passes” on a monthly bases. These passes provide access to the parking lot during the hours of 6am and 6pm. If parking is needed outside those hours, please make arrangements with a representative of the lodge.

All passes, if requested, provide locker space within the lodge during the active month of the pass. Please make arrangements with the lodge representative for more complete details on this multi-step process. Items place in a locker are at the pass holders risk and the lodge is not responsible for any loss of property.

Passes are not for specific designated spaces and are on a first come, first serve basis with other pass holders including lodge members. There should always be a space for pass holders and if not, please contact lodge representative so they can make arrangements to remove non-pass holders in parking lot.

Passes can be picked up on the 1st day of the month between noon and 2pm. If that day does not fall Monday through Friday but on a weekend then the pass will be available on the 30th or 31st which ever day falls on a Friday. If you can not pick up a pass on the date passes are issued, please make arrangements via email or phone to meet with lodge representatives to purchase your pass.

All monthly passes are $45 a month and can be paid by cash, check or money order. If you would like to have a pass or passes mailed to you, please make arrangements with lodge representative.

Parking in the lot is at your own risk and McKenzie River Lodge #195 is not responsible for any damage, loss of vehicle or stolen property left within. Please do not leave valuables in car. Passes are non transferrable.

Please place pass in front dash board where it is visible. Any vehicle without a pass or expired pass is subject to towing.

The purchase of a pass helps sustain the non-profit McKenzie River Lodge #195 and their activities supporting the local community.

Thank you.

Eric Smith, PM, McKenzie River Lodge No. 195